Jesus will never disappoint you

Jesus will never disappoint you

Jesus will never disappoint you

Do you know what really bothers me? When people disappoint me! I arranged a group of people to help me organize a great job. If everyone does their part, it is an easy job. As the saying goes, many hands do light work.

For some reason, a group of them does not throw. They don’t let me know either. Do not pick up the phone to apologize, something has happened. They do not send WhatsApp. No, complete silence. I just have to assume they don’t come! My blood boil.

As a result, those who have come must work twice as hard. Not funny at all. Just because some decided to disappoint us. It makes me very angry!

But maybe I should not point the finger at the other scammers, because I let Jesus fall quite regularly. I know I must be his hands and feet. I know very well that I have to help the people who suffer around me. But it’s so nice and relaxing here on the couch …

And each of us can give some examples of times and not go to Jesus’ arrangements. We know what we have to do. We know where we have to give. But we don’t go up.

Jesus should be really mad at me.

But he is not like that. Jesus will never let us down. He will never disappoint us because we disappoint him. It is not his style. Listen to this: 2 Timothy 2:13 If we abandon him, he will not give up, because he can never make mistakes with himself.

Thank you!

You see, Jesus is not done that way. Jesus cannot act outside of his character or of what is not part of his composition. You can say that the only thing he can’t do is give up his loved ones.

In addition, Jesus cannot give us what we deserve. If Jesus did that, we would have suffered much less.

Can you see Jesus and the heart of God in this? Can you see love flow, sink and flow? Can you see what you do, even if you don’t show up for your date with Jesus, even if you forget to help others, even if you are too lazy to help others, Jesus will try again and yet.

This is the meaning of grace. We deserve death. We qualify for death due to our actions, but we receive the opposite.

When we realize what Jesus did for us, we feel compelled to stand up and do things. Then we want to get ahead. Then we want to organize when he calls us. Then we want to be your hands and feet everywhere.

Jesus is our example. Let’s try to follow it. Let’s do it and go up every time. Jesus will never let us down. That our epitaph is one day: he / she never dropped Jesus.

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