Ten bands with command names

Ten bands with command names
One of the most recognized groups in this decade has a unique name, which they almost changed before finding their first success on the charts. Its leader, Dan Reynolds, talked about Imagine Dragons in a recent episode of a popular morning talk show on a national television channel.

Among the topics he covered were his next tour abroad, his struggles with depression and the disadvantage of being a rock star. As for the unique name of his group, he simply stated that, in retrospect, he is happy that they have not followed his idea of ​​changing it.

By staying as Imagine Dragons, they are one of the few successful groups whose name serves as a command. Here are ten other music groups whose names also suggest an order or instruction.

Favor people

Lead singer and songwriter Mark Foster originally called his group by his last name with and before the live object, but after hearing the fans repeat it with the conjunction, he decided to skip it forever.

Head east

Famous advice has suggested that researchers are traveling in the opposite direction, but these boys found gold in their hit “Never Been Any Reason” from the Flat As a Pancake album.

Panic in the disco

The group’s name may seem like bad advice, but the music is a catchy mix of pop and punk.


Due to its new contagious version of “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith, this unit helped bring rap to the mainstream.

Come back forever

When it came to super bands, nobody could ignore this set with keyboardist Chick Corea and bassist Stanley Clarke.


Geddy Lee leads this Canadian rock trio, which has been making classic albums like Suburbs since the 1970s.

Ok do it

Calling themselves after a start or entry command, these pop boys are as successful because of their creative videos as they are for their catchy hooks.


Its height took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the British invasion of the new wave, but the composition duo of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook released new songs in 2016.

Be good Tanyas

Elementary teachers probably used this command at some point in their classes, although these Canadians from other countries cannot improve musically.

Clap and say yes

These independent rockers and colleagues at The National have become colloquially known by the acronym CYHSY, which always serves as a delicious suggestion.

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